Making sure my medications wont affect if I'm using Cannabis as well?

by HelloMD

If you have already been taking sleep medication Trazodone and also Prozac for depression and was recommended Cannibis for my Chronic Back Pain and for menstrual pain. Is there a concern for the other meds?


Answer - Doctor Sharon Olson

What we know from research is that Prozac is no better than a placebo but it costs more and has side effects but a placebo has no side effects. If you go off the Prozac you can stop it immediately but hold onto extraProzac because in about 4 to 5 days your body may scream for the medicine and you can give it one or two Prozac and then discontinue it again. In about a week your body will want more Prozac, this time you give it one and maybe one the next day and discontinue the medicine. Going back and forth like this you should be able to go off the Prozac very easily, quickly and successfully. You should be taking CBD cannabis the whole time you were going off the Prozac because the CBD should be much more effective in resolving depression unless the depression is due to a genetic problem or a dietary deficiency. The Trazodone is a much bigger problem but for that you definitely want to have a good Indica and probably a vape pen of Indica by the bed in case you awaken in the middle of tonight. Do not do Sativa in the later afternoon or your Indica will just keep bumping your THC backed up and stimulating your brain making it impossible to sleep. Happy dreams.