Is there a strain that just makes you feel happy and eases racing thoughts?

by HelloMD

Is there a strain that just makes you feel happy and eases racing thoughts?


Answer - Created for the Higher Mind

Love Pamela's answer. In my experience it's best to choose strains that are focused on getting you out of your head and more embodied. We love cannatonic and other similar strains that offer a balanced ratio of CBD to THC (1:1 or 2:1 are great), or a heavier indica like Archive OG or any of the purples like Lavender Kush. We have all of these available as biodynamically or organically sun grown so they're full spectrum and clean - an important detail I can't stress enough.

Answer - Co-Founder HelloMD

I love this question. This is incredibly subjective in terms of of how and why someone answers this question. The problem is, everyone will answer based on their experience and unfortunately everyone's experience with marijuana is incredibly different! For me, most cannabis increases racing thoughts and the reality is most cannabis strains today are 20% to 95% THC in content, and that is A LOT!!!!! If you mark this to where THC content was in the 60's which was at about 6%-10% in a joint, that is a marked difference. My reason for pointing that out is that THC content can increase 'racing thoughts'. So, my subjective opinion is to try a high CBD strain like Harley-Tsu or Canna-Tsu which is high CBD but has some THC and see how you feel. Personally, I love those strains! I am able to focus but feel a slight euphoric effect, very subtle but noticeable difference. Hope this helps!