Is there a strain of canabis that helps to lower blood pressure?

by HelloMD

Is there a strain of canabis that helps to lower blood pressure?


Answer - Doctor Sharon Olson

Most of the information available regarding lowering the blood pressure with a particular strain of cannabis is actually individual reporting for a particular individual using a particular strain but I don't believe there are any large-scale studies that have been done on the use of cannabis to lower the blood pressure. There have been studies regarding the use of cannabis and heart disease which of course includes some issues with hypertension and those studies have shown increased risk for heart disease especially a rapid heartbeat with the use of THC especially if combined with other drugs in the class of anti-cholinergics (including some antidepressants). CBD cannabis or cannabinoids do you have a hypotensive effect but no clinical human trials have been done that I'm aware of at this time. If your heart is normal, You don't have heart disease chances are Cannabis may be of benefit for you to relieve anxiety and stress that may be causing hypertension but also address your exercise habits, fluid intake especially water, Vitamin D3 blood level, your diet especially the amount of sodium versus potassium (we need more vegetables and fruit and less prepackaged, prepared foods) and your sleep habits since these will all affect your blood pressure and your degree of heart disease. And the last issue is that we all need to love more an judge a little less to have a happy heart.

Answer - Customer Service Admin @ HelloMD

It would make sense that an individual person could find an individual strain that benefits them to reduce their high blood pressure if, for example, someone finds a strain of cannabis that reduces their stress or uplifts their mood and in turn, that can lower ones blood pressure. If someone is pre-dispositioned to high blood pressure or if their blood pressure is due to poor habits then cannabis alone may not be the only solution. As Dr. Olson mentioned, rapid heart beat is associated with the use of cannabis and we always recommend speaking to a doctor before you begin any sort of cannabis regimen. Chronic smoking of cannabis may increase blood pressure so perhaps switching to a Vape, Volcano, or edibles may be a good way to go. If you can find a strain or product that makes you happy then you are on the right track. Hope this helps.