Increased hunger pains or stomach cramps... the "munchies" when ingesting cannabis

by HelloMD

I have been ingesting cannabis oil or edibles. When I use cannabis, i get hungry a lot more rapidly than I do when I am not using it. I get pretty intense hunger pains or cramps... is there a way to decrease this symptom other than eating more food than usual?


Answer - Doctor Mark Edmunds

The "munchies" are a common side effect of cannabis use and are attributed to THC's action on cannabinoid receptors. Just like most side effects, the appetite stimulation due to cannabis may decrease over time with regular use. Some patients also find that sipping water, as opposed to eating, may help stave off appetite.

On the same token, strains lower in THC may have less of an effect on appetite, and strains high in THCV (South and East Africa) may actually suppress appetite by counteracting THC!