If I am dosing CBD for nerve pain (sciatic nerve) how often do I need to dose?

by HelloMD

Is there a half life? It is all hit or miss?


Answer - Dr Andrew Vanderveer twitter = @andyvanderveer facebook = andyvanderveer

There are many formulations of CBD rich cannabis. I would suggest a whole plant CDB rich tincture with some portion of THC. All of the cannabinoids and other compounds work together to provide a synergysic effect. If you are inhaling, you may want to dose every few hours, tinctures should used around every 5 hours and edibles maybe two or three times a day. Topicals can be applied many times per day. Suppositories can be used a few times a day as well.

Answer - President of Moxie Meds

For your needs, I would consider lower doses with greater frequency. Most patients find medications with equal parts CBD to THC (1:1) to be most effective for pain relief. If you are comfortable with that level of more minimal psychoactivity, a lower dose 2-3x/day seems ideal for most patients seeking chronic pain management.