I have painful bursitis.

by HelloMD

I have been taking a high CBD product for about a week that works ok. I'm also using a topical product daily. Someone just told me about THCA and suggested I take this in addition to the CBD for inflammation. Should I try both?


Answer - Hans Park MD

I think this is a good idea. I've read papers recently that speak of an "entourage" effect when cannabinoids are combined at the CB! and CB2 receptor. May I also advise to pre-treat the area with heat before the application of the topical products. I also think that other topical analgesics might be useful like Arnica Gel, Tiger Balm, Icy Hot, etc. Keep the joint moving (i.e. walking) when you can. If there is a suspicion of arthritis, I also recc. 2-3000 mg of omega-3 supplements based on some smaller studies I've read out of Europe. I hope this helps!