i have never smoked cigarettes but have been smoking pot for maybe 8 yrs for my MS.

by HelloMD

I cough with all the vape pens I've tried. I smoke different stains a day to deal with my MS. I was just diagnosed with frozen shoulder. What is the strongest pain, and best for sleep?


Answer - Co-Founder HelloMD

It really depends on your constitution and what ultimately works for you. With cannabis as you probably know, everyone reacts differently. I can point you to some recent articles we have written on this topic:



Also, have you tried any edibles rather than vaping? The pain relief typically lasts longer with an edible at around 4-6 hours.

Lastly, there are some great topicals on the market which may help soothe your shoulder. I love Sweet ReLeaf and Flower Power.

I am not a doctor and this represents my opinion only.