I have Borderline Personality Disorder; is marijuana a good choice for this?

by HelloMD

This is accompanied by mood swings of depression and anxiety,


Answer - Hospice Caregiver

I am currently treating a patient with the same health issue and we have had great success with sativa strains during the day and indica strains at night that have really helped her with BPD..

Answer - Hans Park MD

To clarify, when you say BPD you mean Borderline Personality Disorder and not Bipolar Disease, yes? In my mental health treatment experience, cannabis might be helpful, in moderate amounts for anxiety mgmt and emotion mgmt. (however, too much of the cannabinoids and you risk worsening the anxiety, and worsening possible mood swings of borderline personality disorder) However, as with most mental health issues, borderline personality is best treated in a multi-modal fashion that usually includes behavioural therapy (such as CBT or DBT). There is also evidence in the literature that adding mindfulness based therapies and practices should also help. I also tell pts to keep an open mind if a mental health professional also suggests antidepressants or mood stabilizers in low dose combined w/ moderate cannabis usage. I hope these tips help; please come on by if you have further questions!