How to operate a vaporizor pen

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How to operate a vaporizor pen


Answer - ryan

If you have a traditional 510 threaded vape pen (this is just the standard for vape pen attachments), then you will just screw your cartridge into your battery. Once it is screwed in you will need to turn the pen on. Most pens will turn on if you click the power button 5 times in quick succession.

Now that your pen is turned on, make sure that it is at the appropriate setting. Most will have a dial at the bottom to adjust your voltage or wattage, depending on how the pen is set up. It is also possible that you will click the power button to adjust the intensity of your pen. Most will allow you to click the power button 3-4 times quickly in order to adjust the intensity. Also, some pens are not adjustable.

Answer - HelloMD Customer Service Admin

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There are a variety of types of vaporizer pens for cannabis, but most commonly you will have a vaporizer pen with a button. This is used so that you can adjust the temperature. Or you will have a vaporizer pen with no button with visible cannabis oil.

Vaporizer pens with no button are easy to use: using the mouthpiece, take a quick inhale to turn on your pen. You may notice some lights come on when you’re inhaling - this is an indicator that the pen is on and working.

If you’re using a vaporizer pen with a button, you will need to quickly press the button 5 times until you notice the button lights up. Your pen will typically turn on to the lowest temperature setting, however please note the temperature varies with each vaporizer pen. To increase the heat, you can quickly press the button 3 times.

Sometimes if your lights are flashing quickly and repetitively, that’s a sign that your vaporizer pen needs to be connected to it’s appropriate USB charger to power up the battery. Getting your vaporizer to charge to completely can take anywhere from 1-2 hours.

However, if you’re new to cannabis and do not want to deal with buttons or charging your vaporizer pen, you may want to try a disposable all-in-one vaporizer. Disposable vaporizer pens will be fully charged upon opening, and you just inhale to begin using it. Once the oil runs out, all you have to do is simply recycle your pen at your local dispensary.

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