How long does the oil in a cartridge last?

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How long does the oil in a cartridge last?


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My Alchemy vape pen cartridge has lasted me over 3 months and it's almost done, so probably will be 4 months,. I'm not a heavy smoker, but I was spending about $100 every 3 months to get a half once or so (and it would start to get lame before I could finish it)...the vapes cartridges are $40.

But then I got a bunch of cartridges for the different flavors and moods, so my inventory holding costs went up as I now have 5 cartridges (and very little weed).

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In W Vapes 500mg cartridges are around 4 to 5 grams of cannabis. It really depends on how much you use. Cannabinoids can degrade over time although there is not really a shelf life to the oils. You want to keep it out of direct light or high heat, don't store your vape cartridge in a car for instance. THC can convert to CBN over time and if in higher heat. CBN can actually make you really sleepy.

It is best to store at room temperature. Do not put in the fridge or freezer!

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Here's an excerpt from the video (above) answering: How long does the oil in a cartridge last?

Pamela Hadfield, co-founder of HelloMD: So, I'm curious. How long does the oil within your cartridge actually last?

Jeff Nagel, co-founder of W Vapes: Well, for our 500 milligram cartridges, we'd like to think of it as around 4 to 5 grams of cannabis. For me, [the oil in the cartridge will] last a little less than a week. But for my wife, it can go a couple weeks.

Pamela: OK. And for some others, it might last a month or two. Correct?

Jeff: Right, right.

Pamela: And so, what's the shelf life of an oil cartridge? If I happen not to use it right away, how long will it last for?

Jeff: Well, with the oil, there's not really a shelf life, but sometimes the cannabinoids will degrade over time. Whether it's with light or heat, THC can turn to CBN, CBC can turn to CDL through too much light.

Pamela: And that's not harmful but that's not exactly what people might want to have happen, correct?

Jeff: Right. So if you have a sativa oil that is high in CBN, the CBN is going to make you sleepy, which kind of goes against the sativa.

Pamela: Right. And how long would that degradation take to occur?

Jeff: It takes a good while. At least a year.

Pamela: OK, so you've got some time.

Jeff: Yeah, it's going to be gone before that happens.

Pamela: And so tell me, if I have a oil cartridge and/or it's on the pen or in the package, how should I store it?

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