How long do you wait between doses when microdosing?

by HelloMD

I don't know my tolerance yet. I tried the Kiva Petra Mints yesterday; but I believe 1/2 dose of Kiva Choc made me sick the other night. Not certain the chocolate was the cause.


Answer - Chief Medical Officer of HelloMD

Since microdosing is a small amount of, in the case your speaking of with Kiva, THC, id can take some time for it to work. Any oral medication can take up to 1 - 1 1/2 hours to feel any effect. Since the dose is small you usually don't feel the psychoactive "high" that you would normally get with smoking of vaping cannabis. It can be a subtle feeling that you might not even recognize until you say " hey, I've been feeling/thinking/focusing differently since I've been microdosing"! As for feeling sick, it may have been the chocolate but I cannot say. Kiva Petra Mints also come in various types that do not have chocolate also.