How long can a high last from edibles? What is a good way to bring patient down some?

by HelloMD

My adult son has been taking home-baked edibles for about a month now for pain relief. Things were working out fine until he took too much (two brownies and 5 cookies). It's been three days now and he's still high from this dose. He went through a panic attack that lasted a night, followed by normal "high" talking and activities for three days and ongoing. He also takes percocet (3 doses of 10 mg/day), along with heart meds (digoxin, lisinopril, Coreg and coumadin). \nI've never heard of anyone being high for three-plus days on one dose of cannabis. He isn't sleeping much and we're getting tired of all the nursing this is requiring from us. \nWe've recently tried giving him CBD tincture, lemon juice, food and fluids. We've ordered CannaRelief and will try it when it gets here. Nothing seems to be bringing him back down. \nHow long can this last? What else can we do to get him back to reality?


Answer - I am a 33yo professional

I am not a doctor but have seen various responses to cannabis.Many have used CBD to help "offset" the effects of THC. Staying calm, drinking water and reducing the dose will help avoid any "overdose" type effects. Most edibles will last up to 4 hours but some people may be more sensitive to THC effects and have complained of effects lasting over 6 hours.

Answer - Marketing Comm. Mgr. at Kiva Confections

Unfortunately with extremely high doses of cannabis edibles, it can take 24+ hours for the body to process the THC out. Fortunately, cannabis is non-toxic and will have no lasting damage- but the experience can be incredibly uncomfortable. Other than taking a CBD-only product, he can try chewing on some black peppercorns (yes, that's a thing!), drinking some cranberry juice (which can aid in the process of detoxing), the only treatment is getting a lot of rest. It's because of experiences like these that we recommend patients start with a 5MG dose to see how it effects them. It can be difficult to gauge the amount of THC in homemade edibles, so starting with a small piece and waiting two hours before consuming more is always good practice. Hoping he's feeling a lot better now :)