How does the technology in your product differentiate yourselves from the competition?

by HelloMD

With so many different vape pens in the market, how does your product stand from the crowd?


Answer - Chief Science Officer at Evoxe Laboratories. Bridging science and cannabis products

This new hardware is assembled in the United States and includes several important innovations that will serve Evoxe and their patients for years to come. Some of these important advancements include:

  • Solderless Connections resulting in the lowest possible failure rate
  • Specially Designed Fluid Reservoir preventing unintentional seepage
  • Proprietary Capillary Flow Screen with Glass Wick providing superior oil flow and no clogging
  • Triple-Tested LiOn Battery guaranteeing the battery outlasts the oil on every product
  • Nickel Alloy Heating Element is safer, less corrosive, and heats more evenly
  • Vortex Tip Design provides a smooth, clean draw and works together with a custom dual-vapor port system to add just the right amount of resistance, ensuring a perfect vaping experience every time
  • Solidly Constructed using a rigid stainless steel tube to protect the internal components including the battery, flex circuit board, microprocessor, LED indicators, and fluid reservoir
  • Fully Recyclable hardware and components for minimal environmental impact.

Answer - CEO, Evoxe Labs

In addition to Matt's answer, we think our ingredients stand out among our competitors. We use organically grown, therapeutic grade essential oils to create our Moods. Many other companies use terpenes derived from uncertain sources. Additionally, our Hemp CBD pen, which has no THC, uses natural hemp stalk extract as opposed to vegetable glycerin or other unnatural carrier elements. We were the first company to create purpose driven vaporizers that allow patients to choose the mood they want, when they want, at the highest potency and best price point available.