Help, I have not found any effect or relief

by HelloMD

I suffer from insomnia, chronic pain and migraines. I have a Elite G Vaporizer (and have tried numerous vape pen from different manufactures. As for puffs I have filled my vaporizer 3 times with countless puffs and have tried the following flowers: Cannatoinic, Harlequin, Dream Queen, Girl Scout Cookies and Mendo Breath. As for vapes I've tried: Blackberry Kush - Kurvana, 2:1 Bhang, Bhang-Jack Herer, Jetty- Gorilla Glue#4, Speakease - CBD all with more than 20 puffs. Tried the long deep and the short quick method and I have not experienced any relief or buzz from any of them. Also tried C therapy 50:50. Tried Terra 120 blueberries and after an hour I feel slightly, I mean very slightly feel something. Look forward to suggestions and recommendations.Thanks!


Answer - Dr Andrew Vanderveer twitter = @andyvanderveer facebook = andyvanderveer

You may want to try a more concentrated form of cannabis. I would suggest rick simpson hash oil hemp oil or inhaled concentrates.