Having Crohn's, I've been taking CBD oil since last June, but my symptoms just came back..

by HelloMD

Now I am on prednisone and remicade temperarily to get the flare in control. I'm guessing my body built tolerance towards the cannabis. Should I try taking cannabis in a different form or with more thc? I still want to be able to function normally. Thanks


Answer - Created for the Higher Mind

We work with a number of patients, and the feedback has been the same from all of them. Crohn's symptoms seem to respond best to a balanced ratio of THC to CBD, so it could be that taking just a high ratio of CBD isn't going to be enough to give you sustained results. Sublingual tinctures come in varying ratios, and it's often best to get a few and try it for a week to see the overall effects. We've seen best results with a 4:1 or 8:1 ratio, but everyone's endocannabinoid systems are different.

As an aside, I'm sure you're aware of this, but diet also has a huge impact, so if you haven't yet tried an initial elimination diet (and stuck with it!), that's definitely something to try as well.

Answer - Dr Shera Raisen

I heard there are rectal suppositories of medical marijuana that can help. The cannabis is absorbed into the gut where it is most needed for inflammation. Try different ration of the oils as well of the THD and CBD.