Great site, I wouldike to use nly highcbdfor pain, inflamation etc.

by HelloMD

I have a job that require me to have and maintain a CCW. What is my best option for getting MMJ without card? This s frustrating as I found my docs an VA will give me morphine like candy. I got off it with mmj as well as tranqs and a long list of other meds. The feds would rather let me carry with alcohol and morphine than mmj. blood tests are not a problem.


Answer - Doctor Sharon Olson

Try topical cannabis. You do not mention the type of pain you are experiencing but I have found the topical CBD to work for almost everything including abdominal pain. If you are experiencing back pain be sure to check your Vitamin D level because most people are deficient in does contribute to pain problems in the body especially structural. I am a bit confused by your question because in one place you ask for only high CBD but in another place you ask for MMJ without a card and that would imply that you might be using THC and you stay you have used MMJ before, so what changed? I didn't know that blood work was a required portion for CCW permit or are you concerned that if an incident happened you will be blood tested then? To not have a recommendation and be found with cannabis in your blood might be much more serious then if you did have a medical recommendation but since I have never applied for CCW maybe your employer requires blood testing.