Does cannabis help diabetes related neuropathy of the feet?

by HelloMD

If so, what form is best and how much/how often should I take it?\r\n


Answer - Doctor Sharon Olson

Yes, cannabis does work for diabetic neuropathy but you will likely obtain the best results with high doses of the CBD with low THC for adequate profusion of the tissue with the CBDs for the anti-inflammatory effect. The CBD does take time to reduce the inflammation so you must be patient and continue the CBDs for at least 3 weeks before you will start to notice everything improves, even your blood sugar control. For optimum control of your diabetes, be certain you have eliminated the foods that trigger inflammation, like all high fructose corn syrup as well as all simple carbohydrates and Omega 6 & 9. Most diabetics are deficient in Vitamin D3 so to reduce inflammation please be certain your Vitamin D blood level is above 50 for optimum health and be aware most laboratories report that 30-100 is okay for your Vitamin D level but 30 is rickets, a severe bone disease and most diseases fall in the 30-50 range so always keep your Vitamin D3 level above 50 for optimum results.