Contraindications for Specific Medications

by HelloMD

I am looking to see if there is any information on possible contraindications while using the following;\n\nTylenol\nLevothyroxine\nEscitalopram\nDivproex\nLisinopril\nDonepezil\nBusier\n\nThanks!


Answer - Director, Cal State Caregivers Collective

We have a pharmacist on staff and he can answer these questions. You can contact us at and we can help you find the answer. The most important issue with contraindications is the p450 enzyme pathway in the liver. If these drugs are using that pathway, cannabis can interfere and all them to get into the blood stream quicker, which means you are getting too much. While not addressing these drugs, we have seen numerous people reduce all types of pharmaceutical drugs and replacing them with cannabis.