Can my partner use multiple Foria products at once, like Pleasure & Explore?

by HelloMD

My partner and I have tried both Foria Pleasure and Explore on their own, however she has expressed interest in trying both. She is afraid that using both as usual would result in a bad time. Would you recommend using both products at the same time? If so, would you recommend using less of each product or remaining at the same dose?


Answer - Hi! I'm a sexuality and cannabis educator based in San Diego!

It sounds like you're being very thoughtful about dosing, which is awesome! Depending on tolerance, you could absolutely use both products at the same time without having a bad time. If someone is particularly sensitive, it may be worth starting with 3-4 sprays of Pleasure instead of 6-8, just to set a baseline from which you can titrate. For most users though, it's fine to combine products.