A friend tried one of these, and claimed it was really strong.

by HelloMD

Is there definitely just 5mg in each bean? I am very sensitive to THC and so would need to know this before trying one.


Answer - Co-Founder HelloMD

Edibles effect different people in different ways. Although it may be labeled that it is 5mg, the dosage may vary slightly even in products that are reputable such as Kiva. To give you an idea of how edibles effect people, 2.5 mg will be barely felt by an occasional user, 5mg will generally make an occasional user feel relaxed and happy and at about 10mg an occasional consumer of marijuana will feel stoned. My suggestion is to always start low and slow and pick a product where you can easily ingest 2-3 mg to see how it effects you. Choose something to begin with where you can cut it into pieces for instance. You need to wait 1-2 hours to feel the effects. 5mg may be too much or too little for you. Hope this helps!