Top 5 CBD Holiday Gifts for the Different Personalities in Your Life

by HelloMD Staff

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes last-minute brainstorm sessions for gift ideas with final selections to be swaddled in silver wrapping and topped with a glittery bow. Whether you celebrate with a Christmas tree, a menorah, or under the winter's moon on the Solstice, finding that perfect something for your friend or loved one is time-consuming and can create unnecessary anxiety. But, we don't want to see you stress, we'd rather have you kick up your feet in your La-Z-Boy chair and enjoy a CBD-infused gingerbread latte; we'll take the reins this holiday season (yes, Rudolph pun intended)!


Here are some of our favorite CBD holiday gift ideas for the loveably different personality types in your life:

The Pet Lover

Holistic Hound Chicken Dog Bites

Pet lovers, they sure do love their pets! And, it seems when it comes to gift-giving, they appreciate a gift for their pet even more than a gift for themselves. The Holistic Hound Chicken Dog Bites are a perfect present for your pet-obsessed friend who has a slightly older dog or cat. Heidi Hill, the creator of this brand, is a holistic health expert and started a popular retail pet store in Berkeley, California, in 2003. After seeing the profound benefits of CBD on pet's wellness and longevity, she decided to create her own line of animal treats combining CBD and medicinal mushrooms (the non-psychoactive shrooms folks). We toss these treats daily to the HelloMD office dogs, and they've never complained.

The Type-A Personality

Bloom Farms Balance CBD Tincture

Everyone needs a little balance in their life, including your Type-A, hard-driving relative who never comes up for a breath. Cannabis is thought to put our internal systems into more harmonious balance, or what's known as homeostasis, and a healthy dose of the Balance CBD tincture may just be what the doctor ordered! Bloom Farms is ecologically forward, using biodynamic farming practices. The extra bonus is that with every purchase, they provide a meal for someone who experiences food insecurity. So, buy this holiday gift to chill-ax your loved one and feed someone in need. Win-win for all.

The Spa Lover

Verte Essentials – Espirit de Rose Face Mist

Feminine and luxurious, Verte's Espirit de Rose Face Mist leaves you feeling as if you've walked out of a five-star spa. The CBD infused spray is a light concoction of rose extract, geranium, rhodinol, geraniol, and palmarosa. It smells divine, and with 100mg of natural hemp it's perfect for light aches, pains and soothing away any skin inflammation. A few fragrant pumps of mist onto your face feels dreamy, and you'll quickly be looking for the next available massage therapist.

The Athlete

Basic Jane Relieve Cream

So, we have this thing in our body called the endocannabinoid system, and it pretty much regulates all of our body's functions. Yes, it's a real thing. It just so happens that CBD, along with other cannabinoids, works with the ECS system like a lock and key. Research has shown that CBD can help boost recovery from intense athletic activity by reducing inflammation and easing pain. Rubbing Relieve Cream into localized areas of discomfort, you'll feel the fresh, soothing Relieve Cream work its magic. With its signature blend of peppermint, aloe, menthol, and CBD, when it comes to aches and pains, you'll find next level relief.

The Chocolate Lover

Gron Dark Chocolate

Who doesn't love chocolate, especially dark chocolate late at night while curled up binge-watching Friends for the tenth time? Dark chocolate is a mood enhancer, is said to improve brain function, and we might even say it improves your sex life (but, what do we know?)! When the sensual nature of dark chocolate is combined with the therapeutic benefits of CBD, and its antioxidant superpowers, it officially becomes known as a triple threat. The Gron Dark Chocolate is handcrafted and Fair Trade, worthy of any chocolate elitist who may look down their nose. It's topped off with hand-harvested sea salt from the Jacobsen Sea and is the best stocking stuffer we could think of!

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