Happy 420! The 420 Winners of the $420 Daily Bonfire Video Challenge!

by HelloMD Staff

Daily Bonfire (on IOSand Android), the cannabis industry’s first gaming app, wishes everyone a HAPPY 420. We’ve been named as “One of the 5 hottest brands dominating cannabis culture in 2020” and during shelter-in-place, we want everyone to have a safe yet entertaining holiday. 

Happy 420 - The Video Challenge

Recently, we announced our Creat feature, which allows cannabis enthusiasts to create videos of their favorite cannabis strains. For the 420 holiday, we asked our loyal fan base to submit videos based on 5 different video challenges. The winner in each category were awarded $420!

The categories are:

Best Strain Review: Enjoy your favorite strain and tell us about it. What do you like, what don’t you like?      

Most Stylish Joint: Show your roll with this challenge to twist up the best-looking joint or blunt we’ve ever seen. Take us through it, step-by-step!

Easiest DIY Canna Recipe: Edibles are the bomb and homemade munchies, the best. What’s your fave cannabis-infused recipe and how do you pull it all together? 

Craziest Homemade Bong: If you make it from an apple, you can make it from a squash. What’s the weirdest homemade bong you can wrangle? 

Stoned Talent Show: What’s your secret stoned talent? Can you play the oboe, host a homemade fashion show, or pose like a famous painting!

Winning videos are shown below!

Ongoing Video Challenges...and Prizes

We now want everyone to be able to participate in ongoing challenges and win prizes. Take a look at the prize section on the Daily Bonfire app and see the new challenges of the week and the prizes associated. Want to win? Create your video that you associate with the challenge. 

 How to Win?

1. Check out Prizes section and identify a video challenge

2. Go to the Create tab at the bottom

3. Record your video

4. Use the right hashtags to make sure it gets tagged for the video. challenge

The Winners of our 420 Challenge!

Visit the Daily Bonfire (on IOS and Android) app to see videos play in the app or click below to see within your web browser.

Most stylish joint - Stoner_Tii

Best Strain Review - MaggyDoll

Best Homemade Bong - MetalMama

Best DIY Canna Recipe - JME420

Best Stoner Talent - HenryTheCat

Keep safe and keep creating! We are building a community and a safe and entertaining way to share the joy of cannabis. Please tune in to our live stream show every day at 4:20 pm PST for a chance to win prizes and connect with us!