MJ for MDs: Marijuana for Medical Professionals

Medical marijuana education is often lacking for many doctors, even in states where medical marijuana has been legal for over 20 years. Fewer than 5% of doctors in Colorado, where marijuana is medically and recreationally legal, recommend cannabis to their patients. This is due mostly because of their lack of knowledge on how cannabis effects patients and the different types of products available. Budtenders, who are often on the frontline of giving patients recommendations on specific products, often receive little to no training on medical marijuana, and usually give recommendations based on anecdotal evidence of what has worked for other patients.

There are a limited number of programs for doctors to receive secondary education, but MJ for MDs is an organization that strives to provide doctors, other medical professionals, and people in the marijuana industry with the adequate information they need to properly guide patients on medical marijuana usage. Giving doctors, medical professionals, and budtenders access to adequate information on using medical marijuana for treatment of various medical conditions is crucial for cannabis to reach its true potential within the United States.

MJ for MDs has organized a convention on November 14th through the 16th of 2016 in Denver, Colorado at the Westin Hotel Downtown Denver. The convention will feature various speakers including doctors and industry professionals, as well as keynote addresses by the likes of Mara Gordon of Aunt Zelda’s California and Guillermo Velasco PhD of Compultense Universidad de Madrid. Dr. Perry Solomon, the Chief Medical Officer of HelloMD, will also be speaking at the conference on the topic of telemedicine for cannabis. Various other topics will be covered, ranging from how cannabis can help with specific medical conditions to understanding pesticide use in the growth of cannabis. The MJ for MDs conference is a great learning opportunity for medical professionals, cannabis industry professionals, and patients alike.

Register by October 31st with the discount code HELLO2016 and receive $100 off. For more information and a full schedule of speakers and events, go to MJ for MDs.

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