HelloMD on The Hash Podcast

HelloMD is highlighted on this week’s The Hash, the popular cannabis-oriented podcast that’s ‘elevating the discourse around cannabis.’ Part I of the two part series is now available for listening. Pamela Hadfield spent a recent Friday morning sipping coffee and chatting to cannabis journalist David Downs, Founder of the Hash. David actively writes for SFGate.com, Legalization Nation and Cannabis Now among other publications.


Sitting down with David we discussed the medical recommendation process via TeleHealth and the journey to starting HelloMD. They also discussed being one of the fastest growing medical marijuana communities online, the opioid crisis in America and how cannabis may positively impact the bleak statistics and the impending regulations change that is expected due to Prop 64 in California. Oh, and we also discussed the Pharmaceutical lobby and how they try to sway public opinion against cannabis in general.


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