DIY Recipe: Cannabis-Infused Sangria for Summer Solstice

This year, summer solstice falls on June 21. It’s a day that calls for sharing a gorgeous and long summer evening with your friends and family, eating great food and enjoying a refreshing beverage. If you’re hosting a summer solstice party this year, or are attending one hosted by a friend, we’ve put together a delicious, non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused beverage that will be the perfect addition to celebrate the occasion.


You can very easily infuse beverages with marijuana using a cannabis tincture. For recreational consumers, this is a hangover-free way to enjoy a tasty beverage. And for medical marijuana patients, it’s a nice method to liven up the way you consume your medicine.

In our drink recipe, we suggest a cannabis tincture dose and ratio, but you can customize this to your needs, tolerance level and preferences.


What Is the Summer Solstice?

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year for anyone living above the equator. As you may remember from your science class in grade school, the earth rotates around the sun with a tilted axis. This tilted rotation puts certain portions of the planet, during certain periods of the year, into more direct sunlight than others. This is the reason we have seasons.

The summer solstice is when the northern hemisphere gets the maximum of direct sunlight, making it the longest stretch of daylight each year. The further north you go, the more hours of sunlight you’ll experience on this day. So, make the most of the extra hours of sunlight with some of your favorite people and this non-alcoholic, marijuana-infused drink.

Ingredients for Cannabis-Infused Sangria (Non-Alcoholic):

Serves 8

  • 4 cups white grape juice
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1 cup strawberries, cut in half
  • 2 oranges, cut into chunks
  • 2 peaches, cored and cut into chunks
  • 16 mL of 1:1 CBD:THC tincture (2 mL per serving)

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Sangria:

  1. Chop the fresh fruit, except the blueberries, into bite-sized chunks, leaving the peel on the oranges and peaches.
  2. In a large pitcher, add the fruit chunks and blueberries.
  3. Pour in the grape juice, orange juice, lime juice and cannabis tincture, and mix thoroughly.
  4. Let the beverage rest in the fridge for at least 2¬–3 hours before serving.

As always, when serving any marijuana-infused food or beverages, be sure to properly label the pitcher and inform your guests that it contains cannabis.

Photo credit: Lawrence Walters

If you’re new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s easy, private and 100% online.

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