Are You a Woman with Questions About Cannabis?

Cannabis & Women’s Health

As more and more women enter the cannabis marketplace everyday we hear more and more questions. The reality is, a woman’s health concerns and desires are often very different from that of a man.

In this week’s AMA (Ask Me Anything), Andrea Brooks, the Founder of Sava is joined by Jessica Peters of Moxie Meds, and they will be answering all of your questions. Both Sava and Moxie Meds are specialists in cannabis products for women and take pride in educating people on how to use cannabis effectively.

As a woman you may have specific questions on how to manage headaches, insomnia, stress/anxiety, cramps, depression, hot flashes, muscle tension/soreness, chronic pain, and more. We welcome you to ask a question on how you might use marijuana for any condition, as well as how you might promote optimal health and wellbeing.

Visit Sava on HelloMD anytime this week (Sept. 6-13th) to ask questions and learn more about how Sava & Moxie Meds can help you. Sava, is a statewide delivery service in CA, which specializes in high-quality hand crafted goods from artisanal vendors.

How the AMA Works:

Head over to the Sava page, and Ask or Answer any question. Or just read and learn. All questions are anonymously posted.

The Sava & Moxie Meds team of experts will respond to your questions every day throughout the week.

Questions can have multiple answers, so Upvote or Downvote to show your preference.

Win a Prize!

Sava will award a $250 gift basket to the community member that provides the BEST QUESTION during the AMA event.

*Winner will be selected on September 15th.

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