December 28, 2017

Does my recommendation cover growing?

NY state medical marijuana certification does not include growing. According to you are potentially eligible for medical marijuana if you have been diagnosed with

Can I use these services in Pennsylvania?

Hello. Unfortunately we do not conduct doctor consultations for Pennsylvania (my home state!). But below I’ve posted the website for the PA medical marijuana program.

Renew Medical Rec?

"Should I renew my medical rec? Starting in 2018, I can walk into a dispensary and purchase what I need, so why should I renew

CBD dosing

“I am just starting to experiment with CBD. The product I have “Wonder MTC” is 25:1 CBD to THC. How many drops would be a

How do I order a product?

Hey there it is really easy to order CBD products which by the way I am assuming that is what you are talking about. I

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