January 30, 2017

What is best product for stress

Hi there! Cannabis is an excellent stress-buster! Many marijuana products will be able to assist you with stress-relief, but check out our articles that discuss

chocolate edibles for sleep?

Satori makes delicious milk & dark chocolate edibles in several low dose options. If you are not sensitive to chocolate or caffeine at bedtime, this

How can I order the Pain and Welness Formula Body Lotion?

Hi there! Please visit this link to view some of the sellers that have Lord Jone’s Pain and Wellness Formula Lotion for sale – https://www.hellomd.com/marijuana-topicals/5-1-pain-and-wellness-formula-body-lotion/sellers#tabs

Is CBN the best for Insomnia?

Yes, CBN has been found to help provide deep relaxation which often results in a good night sleep. Because we’ve seen such success with our

Marijuana Legalization is Going Global

Progressive Policies Taking Hold In the past few years we have seen progressively more legislation in the United States that is swinging in support of

Can marijuana help me with insomnia?

What would last longer, keeping me asleep throughout the night, vaping marijuana or eating edibles? Also, does a body build up resistance over time to

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