How to Store Marijuana without it Getting Dry

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Storing your marijuana may not seem like rocket science, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. When cannabis is stored too long in an improper container or at the wrong temperature, it can easily go bad. Fortunately, knowing how to store your cannabis properly saves you from this pitfall.

Storing Your Cannabis at the Right Temperature

When it comes to storing cannabis, the temperature is everything. The organic compounds within cannabis stay freshest when the plant is stored in a place with temperatures between 40 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Storing cannabis in a place that's too warm will dry out the plant and damage the terpenes and cannabinoids within it. This creates a harsh smoking experience. Likewise, storing cannabis in a place that's too cold can slow the decarboxylation process of the plant, leading to a less psychoactive strain.

Storing Your Cannabis at the Right Humidity

Just as it's important to store your cannabis at the right temperature, it's also important to pay attention to humidity. Ensuring the correct humidity levels protects cannabis from developing mold or mildew and prevents the plant from drying out and becoming harsh or brittle.

For the best results, store your cannabis in a place where the relative humidity stays between 59 and 63 percent. This will help protect and preserve the color, scent, flavor and texture of the cannabis and make for a better consumption experience.

The Right Light for Storing Cannabis

You wouldn't store your cannabis in full sunlight, would you? Excess UV light harms the organic compounds within cannabis and causes the chemical structure of the plant to break down. The effects are so harsh, in fact, that one study published by the University of London stated that UV rays are the single biggest degradation threat for the cannabis plant.

For this reason, it's wise to store your cannabis in a cool, dark place that's out of direct sunlight. When stored in this manner, cannabis remains stable and effective for two years or more.

Oxygen Levels for Stored Cannabis

Cannabis needs to breathe during storage in order to be as fresh as possible. Because of this, it's important to store cannabis in a container that allows just enough air to reach the plant. Too much air will dry and degrade the cannabis while too little air will cause excess moisture to form within the canister, especially if the buds aren't thoroughly dry.

To ensure the right oxygen levels for your stored cannabis, consider investing in a vacuum pump fixture for storage.

Seven Tips for Storing Cannabis

  1. Keep the cannabis out of sunlight. Storing marijuana in a dry, dark, cool place helps it stay fresh longer.
  2. Store cannabis in the correct containers. Glass is preferable and plastic should be avoided.
  3. Vacuum seal all storage containers. This helps ensure optimal oxygen levels within the container.
  4. Separate all cannabis strains. This helps keep flavors and scents separate.
  5. Avoid the refrigerator and freezer. The refrigerator and freezer can't maintain consistent humidity or temperature and may damage marijuana.
  6. Keep marijuana away from tobacco humidors. While these are great for tobacco, they may change the smell and taste of your cannabis.
  7. Store marijuana separately from paraphernalia. Resin on pipes can influence the smell of your marijuana and combined storage will get your grinders and other implements dirty.

While storing marijuana properly may not seem that important, following these tips can help you ensure that you always have the freshest cannabis possible.

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